No Context is an ever-expanding score for a dancer accompanied in text by a friend: something between a sector study and a love letter, a choreographic score and a diary entry. Born out of archival documents housed at Dance Collection Danse on 15 dance lab, Canada's seminal centre for experimental dance, this work describes a failed activity instigated by the founders of 15 and follows this line of thought into questions of access to space, access to work, barriers in access, owning up to your hometown, and a spiralling temporal experiment in spilling your guts. No Context is continually in progress. No Context is also called
Studio Place
We Actually Maybe Right Now Have Everything We Need
The Thought of Everything You Are Doing Right Now Which Will Embarrass You Later can be Crippling

a work commissioned by the nomadic curatorial collective

this work had a beautiful catalogue made for it, with writing by Victoria Mohr-Blakeney and design by marta Ryczko

reader: catherine ribeiro

documentation by yuula benivolski

a million special thank yous to
miriam adams, jonathan adjemian, niomi cherney, ame henderson, ben kamino, kate nankervis, eroca nicols, simon portigal, zoja smutny. CONTEXT small files-small web 4.jpg CONTEXT small files-small web 3.jpg CONTEXT small files-small web 2.jpg CONTEXT small files-small web 1.jpg