I was on the creative team of the Toronto Dance Community Love-In from 2013-2015


The Love-In is home to the silent love revolution, taking place in Canadian dance making. Dedicated to the radical and rampant cultivation of tomorrow’s badass leaders and lovers, we promote democratic pedagogy, anti-competition and wild creative abandon through our programming and our presence in the Toronto dance community. By connecting, supporting and welcoming artists locally and across the planet, the Love-In is making Toronto a destination for revolutionary indie dance activity. We are building better making; we are radicalizing movers; we are Animaux Sauvages.


The Love-In, is a not for profit organization led by dance artists; Amanda Acorn, Amelia Ehrhardt, Katya Kuznetsova, Eroca Nicols and Madeleine Shen. The Love-In was formed by Amanda Acorn and Eroca Nicols in February of 2009. What began as an effort to create a more supportive community environment has grown to encompass a growing initiative that includes professional training activities, a summer intensive, advocacy efforts, a rehearsal space, informal exchange and a presentation series. We are committed to fostering progressive initiatives and projects that support growth and expanding the breadth of contemporary dance practice in the city of Toronto. The Love-In became incorporated as a not for profit in the summer of 2013.