I was the curator for the inaugural dance series at SummerWorks Performance Festival. Some info below:


Are You Still Coming Tonight? | Social Growl Dance
Desiccated | Aria Evans – The Go To Company
Forgetting Remembering | Robert Kingsbury – Not Applicable Productions
multiform(s) | Amanda Acorn
On Being Prepared | Susie Burpee
Psychic Choreography | Brandy Leary – Anandam Dancetheatre
Radio Project | Erin Hill
Street vs Stage | Emily Law / Tina Fushell / Molly Johnson / Sabina Perry
Togetherish | Meg Foley
Until Tender-Crisp II | Christy Stoeten

Curatorial Statement

What does it mean to be on the edges of a form? Edges in terms of newness, in terms of new-at-it, in terms of new-to-this; edges in terms of unidentifiable form, in terms of not-knowing-what-you’re-going-to-do-and-that’s-the-point, in terms of yelling about something no one seems to be hearing. Edges of a politics that should be central, edges of your own practice, edges of a way of dance-making that has been on the edge for a good fifty years now.

These are the questions that I am interested in with the lineup for the SummerWorks Dance series 2015. A new platform, a new space for dance artists, and how appropriate, I felt, to answer it with a group of artists new/new at it/new to this/striving for newness. Inserting ourselves in spaces made not for our form and declaring them a new home. Inserting ourselves willfully, audaciously, psychically, subtly.

I am an artist, advocacy addict, and frantic organizer. I see curatorial work within my practice as part of a whole and overarching project to work as much as possible in artist-run situations; when I insert myself into contexts that are not artist-run, what can I do to provide that perspective? Sifting through the realm of open-call submissions for people declaring what they do as dance these days was a humbling / educational / useful process that indicated for me the fault lines in how I personally approach dance making.

I owe many thanks to Kate Nankervis who acted as an outside eye for my choices.