I'm the Curator at Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Dancemakers is a centre for the development of the field of contemporary dance: we offer spaces in which dance can ask of itself what it’s already doing, what it hopes to be doing, what it doesn’t know it’s doing, and a place where individuals within/close to/observing the art form can articulate these doings. We are a site for experimentation and research in dance, and through our Incubation Production House Model, we program residencies, education, presentations, and other ancillary events, and offer spaces where risk and reflection are encouraged. While our resident artists bring works to production, we offer as much as possible spaces where production can take its time and ideas can develop - spaces where artists can shift their focus to longer-term visioning of projects. Central to our values is to be able to offer these spaces to as many artists as possible and to consistently question how our resources can be best structured and distributed. We seek to be a centre that is artistically and aesthetically responsive to developments in the field through our organizational and working structures.